F.A.B Influencer Team

We're so excited to announce our F.A.B. Influencer program! We are looking for tweens and teens between the ages of 9-16 to promote via their social platforms and blogs the Miss April Fashion Girl Brand. We believe that you do not need a lot of followers to influence, so we're looking for influencers that post on the regular and promote our products when mailed. 

When we launch new products, we will choose which influencer to send products to & whose audience and posts speak to the specific launch. If you post about makeup we'll send you cosmetics. If you post about fashion we'll send you our apparel, shoes and accessories. 

We love to see how well you can interpret our products. Be true to who you are and your audience. The more you post about us the more, we'll think you like us and we'll keep sending you more products. If you just post once, that's fine, we appreciate the love! 

We love to highlight our influencers on our blog and social platforms as well. If you post great content we'll repost and if you show us love we'll show you love by featuring you in our INFLUENCER SPOTLIGHT.

How to be added to our PR list:

Sign up here and select F.A.B Influencer

Create an account when emailed with your address, email, sizes and other information.

Before we ship we'll always correspond via email to get the correct sizing and mailing information. 

How to be removed from our PR list:

We believe in fairness. If you are sent a product and don't post, it's not fair to us. Although the products are free to you, they cost us money in shipping and materials. At the very least post a IG story to say you received it, or to say 'Thank you', we appreciate the kindness.

We reserve the right to remove anyone from our list for unkind social media behavior.