The FASHION GIRL AMBASSADOR PROGRAM is a business mentorship program for girls ages 8-18 interested in the beauty and fashion business.  Founded by entrepreneur, April Clark, or “Miss April” has had great success in the beauty and fashion industry as an entrepreneur and is teaching girls how to be entrepreneurs in their youth. 


The program is an annual membership, to give girls the opportunity to pace themselves and accomplish short term goals and grow in business without a lengthy commitment.  Ambassadors of the program will all be given product, tools, mentorship and incentives to start their own business or add to an existing business.  Unlike a multi-level marketing program, commissions are not paid on team members brought to the business but rather an incentive percentage is given to those who bring on new partners to the business. Ambassadors will also be given wholesale pricing on all beauty products to resell as well as affiliate links and website banners for passive income.


Think of the Ambassador Program as a big club! We’ll have fun, make money and do it in style!




  • Applications will be available for download for subscribers only.


  • Subscribers can download and fill out the application packet by the deadline.


  • During the approval period applicants will be notified of their status.


  • Once approved Ambassadors will be given an approval link to purchase an Ambassador package.


  • Once payment is complete ambassadors will be given an affiliate link, wholesale & discount codes, and password to ambassador site and Dropbox access to graphics and banners.


  • Ambassador boxes will be processed and shipped 2-3 business days after receipt.
  • Ambassadors will also be given an incentive percentage according to the level they sign up to bring on additional ambassadors to the business.





  • QUICK START BONUS for the first 5 new ambassadors signed up in 30 days of starting the program. Current ambassadors will receive a $50 bonus in cash or product in addition to their percentage for bringing in new ambassadors.


  • Quarterly prizes of cash, prizes and products.


  • Affiliate link for all Miss April Fashion Girl products.


  • Fashion Girl Ambassador swag exclusively for members.


  • 10% off entire site




April Clark is the founder of Miss April Fashion Girlpreneur. In 2013, April began her fashion entrepreneurship journey by writing her first book and blogging for Lucky Magazine a Hearst Publication. Soon after the publication of her book she was invited to be the TV Style Correspondent for the local morning show. Her three-year stint as a TV Style expert landed her a position of Fashion Editor for a lifestyle magazine.  April has been invited to NY Fashion Week by top designers, launched a beauty brand, and has been featured in national TV and print publications for her blog, influence and brand. Now she is taking all of her expertise and sharing it with the next generation of fashion entrepreneurs through Miss April Fashion Girlprenur and the Fashion Girl Ambassador Program.