My Boutique

From a very early age I have had a fascination with fashion and design. I've been the go-to girl for fashion, style and beauty advice for my friends and family, so it was inevitable that I would sell my own collection of curated fashion and beauty products to go along with the fashion and style advice I give all the time.

Every season, I attend New York Fashion Week to find out what is trending and forecasting for the upcoming season. I search the best-of-the-best from fashion showrooms all over to make available in my boutique.  

The unique part of creating my own boutique is that I'm a fashion stylist and freelance fashion editor so I can show my customers how to style items versus just wearing them! 

I do all the buying from wholesalers, Amazon and other affiliate sites. I also do all the styling so it's like getting a personal stylist first hand. My blog, What Would April Wear will show you how to wear each item from head to toe, what the clothing feels like, what undergarments to wear, and the perfect matching accessories. 

Why Amazon?

Discover the best products on Amazon, curated by a fashion stylist with great taste!
I feature beautiful, unique and stylish products, you can actually buy. I bring boutique curation to the Internet’s largest catalog.   Amazon has great prices, fast shipping, excellent customer support, and a massive catalog. Mainly linking to Amazon products makes things simple and predictable for my small business.

What can you expect?

Statement pieces, it's not likely that you will find a plain white t-shirt in my boutique, you're more likely to find a white t-shirt with a crossover open back with a high low hem. Look for the unexpected details and glamour. The accessories in my boutique can take any ordinary outfit into celebrity territory in seconds! And don't forget the beauty products the finishing touch to any look, make up, nails and delicious smelling bath and body products.

So, come shop with me if you want to know WHAT WOULD APRIL WEAR...