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Posted on December 30 2013

Wow! What a year! I wanted to take a break from my normal fashion and beauty post to remark on the year that Beyonce had in 2013.  We all woke up to a crazy surprise on December 16th to hear that she released an album! This was not just an album release but a surprise and not to mention a visual album with 17 videos.  I, like everyone in the world was shocked and amazed but I was also proud! Whether you like Beyonce, or her music there is one thing you have to love is her work ethic.  This year has been riddled with ups and downs for the star filled with praises and snubs but she has handled it with grace, poise and hard work.  She's a businesswoman, actress, spokewoman, mother, wife, daughter, aunt and sister (to name a few). She recorded this album while juggling it all and then when we thought it was just about to be the end of the year she reminds us of who is the hardest working woman on the planet!
This year started with her signing of the national anthem at the Presidential inauguration.  She was scoffed for lip syncing her performance.  However, according to the Marine Corps Band, all music is pre-recorded because there are so many eventualities and conditions that day. 
She handled it with grace and poise, not responding to the critics with words but with song.
At the live SuperBowl press conference, Beyonce sang the "Star Spangled Banner" LIVE... and she did not disappoint!
Then she went on to WIN the SuperBowl! Yes, Beyonce did the performance that had everyone talking about halftime rather than the game.  The reunion of Destiny's Child, the black out rumored to be caused by her performance was all we could talk about! She looked fabulous and her vocals were on point!
Beyonce is capable of having the world take notice at her talent not her challenges!
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She went on to win Best Traditional R & B Performance at this year's Grammy's bringing her total to 17 Grammys!
Beyonce sat down for a rare interview with ICON Oprah Winfrey.  She talked about her daughter, her husband, her miscarriage, her decision to let her father go as her manager and her documentary.
Her documentary allowed her fans to go in depth about her dreams, her curiosity, her creativity, challenges, and triumphs.
All of this and she embarked on a world tour giving 100% night after night.
Beyonce went on tour with her daughter.  While being a mom, she conducted business, and recorded music.  Reportedly, she recorded 80 songs for the album! 
She just decided TO JUST DO IT! Go! Live in the moment! She believed in this project so much so that she did it despite her label not agreeing with what she wanted to do.  Her results 991K in the first 10 days of releasing.  Controversy tried to rear it's ugly head but like she always does she didn't respond with words.  Target said that they would not carry her album because it was a digital release and it would hurt their sales.
Her reponse:
Surprise her Walmart fans and give each patron a $50 giftcard totaling $37,500!
Despite how you feel about her music the lesson here is let your success do the talking.  She flies above the drama to pursue her passion and live her purpose.  This new year I am taking on Plan Bey and working harder to let my success do the talking, regardless of what is said, or done to me.  I admire her tenacity, creativity and generosity.  Beyonce reminded us that life's dreams can come true and that hard work is the conduit to making them reality.  Working smarter is always better of course, taking a page from Beyonce's plan think it through... I believe that she has a plan for how she wants to live her life.  She had her first baby during the release of her previous album, 4, worked on projects with her husband and went on tour with him, she planned to have an outstanding performance at the SuperBowl, and an amazing tour all the while planning and writing and singing and preparing to set herself up for the next move by dropping this record-breaking album, Beyonce.  
I am sure she want's to have more kids and do more things for her business and strengthen her marriage, I must say Plan Bey looks to work for her.  Do you have a Plan Bey?
Today DREAM about ALL that you want and carefully con cock a plan that will have your success talking for you! I know I will!
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