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January 06 2014 – April Clark

I am so glad to offer all of my readers, and customers this FREE eBook, Iconically Yours, Iconic Cosmetics Makeup Tutorial.  This year I wanted to give this eBook as a gift to show my appreciation to all of the people who have supported Iconic Lifestyle and its endevors.  This eBook is full of information on skincare, understanding color, the tools of the trade and much more.  I have been obsessed with makeup since I was allowed to play in it as a kid.  The first chance I had to wear makeup, I did.  I messed up a lot of looks and tried a lot of techniques on friends and family. Now I consider myself a self taught PRO. I enjoy makeup artistry, and Iconic Cosmetics spawned from my love of the art, color, beauty and creativity.  I am always growing and learning new techniques and honing my craft.  In this eBook I spoke mainly to the women who are new to makeup application.
Here's what you can expect:


Table of Contents


Chapter 1                                Skincare


Chapter 2                                Color Theory


Chapter 3                                Brush Types


Chapter 4                                How To Clean Makeup Brushes


Chapter 5                                How to Sanitize & Store Makeup


Chapter 6                                Basic Makeup Application


Chapter 7                                The Five Minute Face


Chapter 8                                Makeup Removal







Before thinking about applying makeup it’s important to care for the skin underneath.   Skincare is the most important step in applying makeup.  Healthy skin begins from the inside out.  A makeup job will not cover up dehydration, sleep deprivation or acne.  It will only enhance it.  Drink plenty of water daily, it is important that your skin be hydrated and water is the only way to make sure that happens. Hydration, rest and exercise are the best elements for your skin.

A skincare regimen is essential.  Excessive cleaning should be avoided. The face does should not be washed as frequent has your hands.   Washing your face twice a day with a proper cleanser designed for your skin will suffice.  It is essential to wash your face in the morning to unclog your pores from the dirt and sweat accumulated from your beauty rest. Makeup should also be removed at night to cleanse oils and smog that you may encountered throughout the day.  Cleansing your face regularly unclogs your pores. 

Regular soap is not the best option for your skin because it contains alkaline, which will dry out your skin.  There is a normal protective layer in your skin called sebum. When the sebum is damaged by alkaline it removes the natural moisture in your skin and makes oily skin produce excessive oil and dry skin drier. 

Color Theory Chapter:

Have you ever heard of red lipstick that is a blue-based color?  Red lipstick can come in blue based, orange, pink, purple or brown.  Knowing your undertone will help you choose the right colors in makeup.  A pink-based red lip compliments a woman with fair skin better.  Orange-based red lips look best on women with medium, olive or bronze skin tones; however this skin tone can pull off any red quite well. Darker skin tones look great in purple or brown based red lipsticks.Fair Skin Tones typically have yellow, gold, reddish, pale peach and pale pink undertones. Olive or bronze skins have yellow, yellow-orange or yellow-red undertones and darker skin tones have red, red-brown, blue, blue black, orange brown and ebony undertones.




I hope that thiseBook will give you insight on makeup application. Stay tuned for the launch!

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