Saturday Beauty Day: Sleeping Mask and Beauty Rest

January 11 2014 – April Clark

Saturday mornings are perfect for sleeping in, right?! I wanted to do a blog post because I think that I have been burning the midnight oil and I need a reset to make sure that I am getting my  beauty rest.  This post today will share shopping tips on what sleeping masks you should buy and tips for maximizing your beauty rest.  It's not just enough to have a great diet and exercise regularly, but a sleep time regimen will not counteract all of that hard work you put in throughout the day.  

It’s important to get A LOT of rest and relaxation.  Your weekends should not to be abused.  There are only 2 days that are free, so why jam pack them with events and activities that you rarely want to attend? Rather tell yourself that you are entitled to say NO!

Getting plenty of rest is essential for your health and it makes you look better when you feel better! Here’s how to get plenty of rest:


Cut the TV and computer off about 30 minutes before bedtime.  Let your mind decompress and get in an area where you can reflect on the day and prepare for tomorrow in silence.


Do a few stretches before bed. Stretch those muscles out and give yourself a nice rub down or get your spouse or significant other to do it for you.


Try drinking a nice cup of Chamomile Tea. Chamomile tea calms muscle spasms and soothes the nervous system so you can sleep better.


No one likes a “hard-core off- the -hook –for- no -reason” alarm to wake them up! That can make a restful night unnerving in the morning.  Try nature sounds to wake up, or your favorite inspiring song to get you powered up! I like Mary, Mary’s song “Go Get It”


Try going to sleep earlier than normal a few times out of the week.  Sometimes your body is ready to shut down but your mind is not. 


I like sleep mask.  Here are a few options to consider from Walmart:



Go Travel Sleeping Mask

Item #GOT1045 for $20.01 from it is shaped for maximum comfort, elegant silky material, and an elasticated headband.  It comes in 3 colors. Click the WALMART banner below to shop!




SoftHeat Mind & Body Care Soothing Gel Mask

Item #HCC1000, Heat it in the microwave for sinus relief, cool it in the freezer for headaches and migranes.  It comes with a washable removable cover. Try it for $8.86! CLICK ON THE WALMART BANNER TO BUY.




Earth Therapeutics Sleep Mask 

Item # 543355 Plush and luxurious and delicate on the eyes.  Great for blocking out the light. Try it for $11.57.  CLICK THE WALMART BANNER BELOW TO BUY.





Now that you have your sleep mask here are a few things to consider:


SLEEP ON YOUR BACK- Sleeping on your stomach presses your face creating lines and crease.  Save your face the extra wrinkles and try to sleep on your back.



LINEN- Wonder why hotels use white sheets? The dyes from colored sheets irritate sensitive skin.  Try the crisp linen in a high thread count to give your body the luxury beauty rest you deserve.  The higher the thread count the kinder it is to your delicate skin. It's the Winter Bed & Bath Savings Event at - with Prices to Dream About!



SCENTS: Consider a calming scent to help you doze off a little easier.  Lavender, Chamomile, Jasmine and Vanilla are all great sleep -friendly scents.  Drift off by adding a few drops of essential oils on a handkerchief under your pillow.




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