Saturday Beauty Day: Skin Care Series- Normal Skin Care Tips

February 14 2014 – April Clark

Skin care is so important in maintaining the proper skin hygiene.  As I research ingredients for my skin care line, I wanted to share tips with my readers on the various skin types and proper care.  This will be a 5 week series on the 5 different skin types and the proper care.  To find out what type of skin type you have get my FREE eBook and to see the post for oily, dry, and sensitive skin click the links.  



If you have normal skin- congratulations! You have the least problematic skin type.  People with normal skin have a refreshed and vibrant look ALWAYS! The skin is elastic and supple.  It is rare to find a breakout on this persons face.  It's not dry or oily and is free from blemishes or scars from blemishes.  Typically normal skin pores are tiny making for a smooth pallet for makeup application.  There is always a good balance between oil and moisture in normal skin.  Yet, while normal skin seems perfect it is still necessary to care for it.

Normal skin is quite easy to care for.  In the event that there is a breakout on normal skin it is short lived and the skin bounces back to its glowing state. Gentle cleansers are best for normal skin,  Be sure to keep your skin hydrated with toning gels and moisturizers.  Serums and day creams are best for normal skin it keeps the skin supple and glowing throughout the day and night creams repair any daytime damage.


Here are a few products that I found to work well:








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The alpha and beta hydroxy acids are great for normal skin
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