Trends to Try: Pink Nail Polish

February 24 2014 – April Clark

1.IIIamasqua Rain Drops Nail Varnish $17.00 at
2. Butter London "Pistol Pink" $15.00 at
3. Iconic Luxury Nail Colour, "I LOUVRE Shoes" $10.00 at
4. Iconic Luxury Nail Colour "French Poodle" $10.00 at
5.Nordstrom "Paradise Pink" $8.50 at
6. Victoria's Secret Nail Paint $10.00 at
7. RGB "Pink" $18.00
Not every woman is into pink, I have met more women who despise the color.  However, one thing cannot be denied, it makes your nails look so great! From the hottest pink to the palest of the pale. Pink is a color every woman should try. Finding the right shade of pink is a challenge.  Depending on what you do, that will determine the hue you should wear.  If you are in a corporate setting, wearing a pale pink is the best option, but if you are a risk taker and have a more creative career, wearing a hot pink is just what this diva ordered! 
Take the challenge try pink! Post your pink nails on FB, Twitter, or Instagram using #iconicpink and receive a 10% discount on Iconic Luxury Nail Colours pink hues! $15 off $75 purchase


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