Manic Monday Makeup and Manis: Coral Lips for Spring

Posted on April 20 2014

This week's makeup trend to try is all about CORAL. Coral lips for the summer.
Fresh colors are always welcome especially around spring.  What better spring color than coral to wear on your lips. From bold to muted this spring a soft or bold coral lip is just what you face needs to spice things up a bit.
How to wear a coral lip:
If you are fair skin you will look best in a pink coral color.  Women with a medium skin tone can wear all shades of the hue and women with darker skin look best in the orange coral shade.  Coral lip color can be a little dauting try the hue in a sheer lip gloss or lip stain if you are unsure of the color.  
The makeup that works well with a coral lip is a sheer bronzer, this will give the skin a warm tan shine.  Eye shadows that work well with a coral lip are champagne, or white opalescent colors.  









A pop of coral adds fun and whimsy to this spring look.





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