THE HAUTE MAMA! My Keaton Row Mother's Day Shopping Guide

May 03 2014 – April Bush
Mother's Day is approaching... FAST! Here is where I come in, you need a stylist to pick great gifts to be mom's favorite *smile* Through my styling website at Keaton Row, you can get free shipping, free styling by me AND if mom does not like it... she can return her items for FREE! I have a look book called Mother's Day, below are a few pages from the look book with luxury items and items that are less than $100.  Basically, you can shop this blog post and be known as mom's fashion forward child, picking all of the hot items to get her noticed when she steps out of the door! Feel free to leave a comment or email me if you are looking for something specific for her and I will get you the information!


All of the items in this set are high-end luxury pieces that will be investments that she will keep for a very long time.
Every mom needs that dress for church, and social events. She will brag and tell everyone, "Look at what my baby go me"
Even if your pockets are a little tight, you can mom some thing she will enjoy!
For the mom who has everything sometimes making a gift bag of items and giving them a meaning is so special, she will keep it knowing you brought her a new robe because when you where 7 you spilled juice on her favorite robe, she will chuckle and keep it forever!


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  • Joy: May 07, 2014
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    Love them! These are all really great looks.

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