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Posted on May 21 2014

Every third Tuesday is Twitter Tuesday style chat from 7-8 pm I answer questions relating to fashion, style and beauty.  During the last twitter session I didn't get to all of my questions so here they are:
1. How do I transition from a winter wardrobe into a spring wardrobe? 
 Take a few winter pieces for cool spring days and nights and incorporate them into your spring wardrobe.  For example, pair a light cardigan used for winter layering with a great pair of pastel jeans, or a leather moto jacket with a floral skirt. 

2. What is the rule for wearing sandals? Where should my heel meet? 
Great question! Your heel should never flop of the back of your shoe and your toes should never hang over the front of your shoe.  That is an indication the shoe is too small and in some cases that your shoe is too big.  in the event that your shoe is too big, reinforce them with an anti slip insert found at most shoe stores.

3. What are the best colors for spring/summer?
This season the best colors are Pantone's spring pallet.  The hot colors are coral, radiant orchid, sand, and placid blue.

4. What is the best outfit to transition from work to “after work”?
Anytime you need to go from "desk to dinner", consider layering.  Wear a great business-like jacket over an LBD, add a higher heel, more jewelry and a makeup change and you are ready for an after hours event.

5. What is best way to follow spring trends?
The best way to follow spring trends is to do a magazine haul and see what fashion editors are saying, read blogs like this one!, and watch entertainment news shows like ENews and Entertainment Tonight.

6. Does it take a lot of money to keep up with fashion trends?
Yes and No.  There will always be a trend that you can "invest" more money into, like a great pair of pants, a leather jacket,  or a great handbag-- usually something you plan on having for a few years. For a more affordable option consider shops like ZARA, TOPSHOP or H&M for trendier pieces.

7. What is your number one rule for spring?
DON'T look like an Easter egg in the pastel spring trend.  Incorporate a neutral color with your pastels to break it up a bit. 

8. What is your favorite new fashion trend for spring?
African prints. I love Stella Jean's collection for ss14, she's one of my favorite designers! 

9. What do you see as a trend for summer?
WHITE. White was a hot trend this ss14, i would love to see more women try this trend, it's really classic and lady-like.

10. How can I know if something works for me?
TRY IT ON! It cost nothing to go to a store and try on the latest trend you've been eyeing.  Remember, even if you saw it on someone who has a similar body type does not mean it will or will not work for you. 

11. What is your biggest spring “DON’T”?
Beach flip-flops worn as street wear! NOT CUTE, save it for the beach or pool only.

12. Which stylist/brand has the best spring looks?
Brands like ZARA and TOPSHOP have the best spring trends (more than one) typically designers have one trend that they showed in their collection like Nina Ricci showed A LOT of white looks in her ss14 collection 

13. Where are the best places to shop for new women’s fashions?

14. Where are the best places to shop for new men’s fashions? 
Burberry, Brooks Brothers, H&M, J.Crew and Banana Republic

15. What is a good spring wedding outfit for men/women?
Men- Consider seersucker or linen suits and for formal weddings think of trying a tux in navy or grey.
Ladies- White is on trend-- but NEVER for a wedding. Consider pastels. For a formal wedding think of dresses with flowing elements - Badgley Mischka showed great pastel gowns for ss14



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