Manic Monday: Make-up and Manis -June 6- The 5 Minute Face

June 03 2013 – April Bush

Gosh Monday's can be MANIC if you're not prepared, but every Monday join me here for a look at practical tips for your make-up and manicure regimen.  Today it's the 5 minute face! I will give you 5 steps to a flawless finish for your make-up routine and as an added bonus I will share a quick day to night looks in case you have an after hours networking event.  These tips are for women on the go, businesswomen, college students and even ladies who lunch with a full schedule.


 First Step--

Once you have a clean and clear pallet (your face)and have applied sunscreen prepare to freshen up your skin with a concealer.  Use a shade that is a little lighter than your complexion and dab rather than rub concealer  under your eyes for a quick youthful look. 


Second Step--

It's the cosmetic craze sweeping the nation-- BB CREAM! This product is especially good for women not used to wearing a lot of make-up.  It's better known as a tinted moisturizer that is light, hydrating, and serves as minimal coverage.  Perfect for the summer! If your a cover girl and like full coverage and matte make-up then using your favorite foundation is your  second step.  There are many foundations that come with a primer in the foundation leaving your skin flawless and even toned.


Third Step--

Bronzer is best in the summer it gives you that summer glow without the harmful effects of sunbathing.  Be carful though and use a lighter blush to apply the denser the brushthe more   product you will apply and the goal is to have a glow not look like a golden statue! Another variation in this step is blush.  Blush give color and glow.  I use blush a lot more in the winter for this step because my skin is not as darker and the added color gives me the vibrance that I love in the summer.


Fourth Step--

Eyeshadow. Yes eyeshadow is easy to achieve in this 5 minute face.  There is no need for do full on glam eyes every morning.  Two steps-- 2 minutes (or less)! First take a neutral shade in a light brown (for your complexion) and sweep it across your entire eyelid using your eye shadow brush from Iconic Cosmetics. Then with the smaller rounded brush apply shadow one to two shades darker than the neutral color (use darker colors for a smokey effect for night), brush in a crescent moon shape in the crease of your eyelid using most of the color on the outer part of your eye lid and easing the tension of your brush to blend the darker color and neutral color together. Use your angle brush and apply the neutral color under your eyes for powder eyeliner for definition.

DAY to NIGHT bonus tip-- Save the dark eyeliner for night time to give you dramatic nighttime look.  Take the same rounded brush and re apply a darker color on the crease of your eye for an instant glamor factor. 


Fifth Step--

Lipgloss!  vibrant  colors come in all types of lipgloss formulas. The key to keeping your gloss on for an extended period of time--- LINER. Be sure to line your lips AND fill them in with your pencil for long-lasting coverage.


There is is 5 steps for a 5 minute face!


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