Manic Monday:Make- Up and Manis June 10 - How to Organize Your Make-Up

June 10 2013 – April Bush

Here's another tip to help you organize your beauty regimen for the week. 


If you have one to two makeup bags that you use everyday You're waisting time! Shuffling through bags of makeup every morning is sure to make you late to class or work and even worse frustrated! It's time to upgrade your make up storage to help you be more efficient give you more time to primp and not prep.  


First PURGE! Any make up or tools you are not using. Next dedicate a space with good lighting (the more natural the better) for your new setup. Once you have a space organize by category all your eyeshadows, powders/bronzers/blush/primers, lip, skincare, brushes, and tools like eyelash curlers and sharpeners. Now your ready to organize. 


Here are 12 ideas to organize your make-up:



Try using a decorative toothbrush holder to house your makeup brushes. 



Use the separate drawers for each category you have. This makes it easy and quicker to find. 



A vanity is a good investment provided you have the space. It's all your beautiful things in one place and I'm sure your husband will like the space he will get once you move everything to your vanity. 



Hanging planters are great for small spaces uses these to house brushes or lipgloss. 



Try decorating mason jars and load them up with eye pencils, tools, lipstick, eyeshadow pots and much more.  This makes for a showcase of your personality and pretty make up on your counter. 


Hanging Jewelry Case. It's easy to see all your make up in one location and it's easy to transport and pack!



Jewelry Bead organizer is great those individual eyeshadow pallets. 



Make up case. If you have tons of make up and little space this is perfect. They can come in an affordable option through Caboodle or a pro version. 



Yes! Decorative cookie jars are perfect for tools, cotton balls, Q-tips, moisturizers and things like that. 



Office Supply stores make great organization pieces for your desk.  These tools can double as your makeup storage as well. 



Plastic Shoe boxes with labels are easy to stack and to see!


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