Manic Monday: Make-Up and Manis June 17- B.Y.O.B

June 17 2013 – April Bush

Are you wondering what I mean by B.Y.O.B? Bring Your Own Bottle! That's right bring your own bottle to you manicurist or nail technician.  Someone asked me if Iconic Luxury Nail Colour will come out with gel colors and simply put-- NO. Here's why... I don't see a need.  My nail collection provides unique colors for all types of women and I really like that it is made in the US and is 4 free something gel polishes are simply not.  While gel polish is better than manicured tips for your nails it is still not better than regular nail polish.  The problem is that nail polish tends to not last long and let's face it not everyone can paint their own nails!


Since the inception of my nail collection I have begun to BYOB to the nail salon.  Although my technician implores for me to use gel colors, I still find that the color selection is not the best and not unique enough.  So here is the secret--- BYOB and put a clear coat of gel polish over your nail color! It is easier to remove and better for your nails.  Now you have longer lasting nails and unique colors.


Another plus to BYOB you can match your manicure to your pedicure.  Gel polishes cannot be applied to your toes! So now you have to search for a toe color to match your gel manicure.  To me this is a hassle and most of the times nearly impossible to accomplish.  


Another plus to BYOB is that you now have your favorite color in your possession and you can get your nails done anytime and know that YOUR color will be there.  How many times have you gone to the salon and fell in love with a color that is either discontinued and you cannot purchase or not there for your next visit.  By bringing your own polish you can alleviate the question of whether or not you will be able to find your signature color.


So try it BYOB! Let me know your results!


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