July 12 2013 – April Bush

Tomorrow is the day I offically LAUNCH Iconic Luxury Nail Colour and introduce Iconic Cosmetics.  I am excited, and thrilled and nervous because THIS IS IT! It is time to take all of the creative ideas, passion and motivation and make it into a viable business! The magnitude of my dreams are vast and I am pushing it to the limits.  Just know this event is the beginning of becoming! Many people want to BE but no one wants to BECOME! Success is hard! If it was easy everyone would do it! Get Ready for this FASHION POWERHOUSE.


On July 13th join for an evening filled of FUN! Mini Beauty Services, Giveaways, VIP Nail Treatments, Sweet Cupcakes, Small Bites and of course POLISH!  Our sponsors include Creative Purposes Event Production, iPictureBooth, Nail YEAH!, Pretty in Paint, and The YCB Agency.  


I will reveal three exclusive colors not sold anywhere to be sold at the launch party.  In addition, we will have delicious sweets by Cupcake, Cupcake? flavors like key lime, strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry! Wonderful summer flavors! One of my favorite things to share with you are the custom mock tails with fun names like "The Barbie Doll", "Diamond Diva", and "April in Paris".  The fun dosent stop there as we have fun with each other in the photobooth provided by iPicture LLC.  After have listen to some tunes had a few sweet treats, and pretty manis I will announce the launch of Iconic Cosmetics as well! I am really excited about this launch because I will introduce a lot of different high-end cosmetics!  


Be sure to pose for the camera as Jordan Esteem Photography asks you to pose for the camera! You never know what publication our picture will end up in *wink*  I hope to see you there looking fabulous with your smile and ready to be painted by these hot colors with names that express their personality! Remeber to RSVP and be there on time at 1315 Oakwood Avenue, Seby Jones Art Gallery on the campus of Saint Augustine's University at 7 pm.  Be on time for giveaways and to get your free mani!


See you there Beauties!


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  • Angela C.: July 12, 2013
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    I am excited for you! Years of hard work coming to fruition right before your eyes. Congratulations!

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