Fashion Friday August 2 - The September Issue

August 02 2013 – April Bush

Today on Fashion Friday it's all about the September Issue! Are you as exited as I am? This is the ONE time a year where I buy nearly every fashion magazine's September Issue.  Now many seasoned fashionistas do what we call the "September Issue Round-Up or September Issue Magazine Haul" it is when you buy several issues at a time and inhale the fashion! However, if you are just getting into fashion or this is not something you want to spend a lot of money on might I suggest a couple of suggestions:


1. Why do you want to get the latest fashion magazine's September Issue?  Are you looking for fashion inspiration? Do you want to update your look?  Are you looking to see what A List Celebrity Designers are putting out for the masses?  if any one of these are you first determine what you want.  I will take me for example.  I get the fashion issue to update my look.  I am trendy! I love following trends, and setting trends in my style and in my life.  What is hot this season is a thermometer for the rest of the year-- even the spring.  I first plan by getting a book together that will serve as my look book for the season.  Then I proceed to purchase my magazines so I can fill it up for style inspiration.

2.Once you choose the magazines that you want you will then start by tagging items that speak to you even if they are items you can't buy quite yet. Lucky Magazine has this system already in place with pre post-able tags to save the items you like.


3. Break up your style look book into sections. For example- Handbags, Shoes, Jewelry, Hair, Nails, Dresses, ect. 


4.Next take your tagged items and put them in the appropriate section.

5.Voila! You have all of your new fall finds from your favorite "September Issues" in one spot!

Now go forth and find fashion! Post your fall look book and let me know how you like it!


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