Manic Monday Make-up & Manis Caviar Nails and Midnight in Paris Polish

September 23 2013 – April Bush

In this month's September issue of Essence Magazine there was a feature called, "Special Effects" how nails are starring in hyper textures and unexpected hues this season. All that you can try at home!  an easy, fun and couture way to add texture to your nails is by using  tiny beads to to the caviar nail effect. This is not a new technique but it is easy to do at home. Try it this week as we have just entered fall and this will statement fashion statement for your nails. 
First, Go to your local arts and crafts store and find tiny black beads. Usually in the jewelry aisle.
Next, paint your nails black, but not just any black try our Midnight in Paris Color that has flecks of silver and gold glitter. Use two coats. 
To add the caviar effect pour the beads in a small container and dip your wet ring finger in the beads be sure to lay them flat against the nail.  Finally, go over all of your nails in clear nail polish and voila! Caviar Nails!


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