Saturday Beauty Day September 28

Posted on September 28 2013

Saturday Beauty Day:
Gerri Styles My Hair Edition
Body Waves
Welcome to my first blog entry for Saturday Beauty Day! Today this is the day I do reviews on beauty products for hair, make-up, skin care and so much more! This edition is called "Hashtag" Gerri Styles My Hair.  My personal hair stylist Gerri T. Vereen is an amazing stylist and we have a fun and creative relationship.  She is creative, driven and talented.  She keeps my hair looking brilliant! 
Now that I work around the clock it's harder for me to get to the salon at the frequency I used to go.  I approached Gerri with the idea of blogging about the great hair tips she gives me in between my visits.  The idea was born and here we are! This week's tip I asked Gerri how can I achieve the beach wave look now that summer is over. You see, I really love the beach and my beach hair is sexy and on the nights I go out for a fun night on the town I want to achieve a sexy and cool look with my hair.  You know, a little messy and effortlessly chic. Well Gerri gave me these tips based on two vintage divas that did it so well back in the day.  I wanted to have that cool, edgy and sexy look like Janet Jackson and Jody Watley.
Jody Watley with a cool, edgy rockstar coif
Janet Jackson with sexy waves
1.Gerri says to start with sectioning the hair.  If you have very long hair part it in quarters. For medium length hair part in smaller sections. 
2.Once  you have sectioned your hair you can spray your hair with a very light holding spray. Hold the stray 8 inches away from your hair.  Be sure not to saturate your hair with any product before applying heat.  Be sure to also use a heat protecting spray to hair before beginning.  
3. Next take small pieces of the sectioned hair and use a wand or a 1/2" or 1" curling iron and  wrap hair around the barrrel.
4. Once your done "finger comb" your hair and apply a light mist of light holding spray....and Voila! Sexy, Beach Waves ANYTIME!
If you're in the Raleigh-Durham are and you want to make an appointment with Gerri call 843-617-0946 or email NEXT  Saturday, October 5th Gerri is celebrating her community! All day the FIRST 5 ladies (new clients-- that means she has never done your hair before) will receive a FREE shampoo and style.  For everyone else from 1-3  pm she will be doing $20.00 shampoo and style and FREE eyelash application.  To secure your spot CALL Gerri to make an appointment!


  • LaToya MaZar: September 30, 2013

    What a GREAT stylist she is and post!!! I love it!! The tips are amazing!! I can’t wait for another #HAGTAG post!!

  • LaToya MaZar: September 30, 2013

    What a GREAT stylist she is and post!!! I love it!! The tips are amazing!! I can’t wait for another #HAGTAG post!!

  • Valissa : September 29, 2013

    Great Tip! Will be sure to try it, I like the long wavy sexy look.

  • Tenayia: September 29, 2013

    Awesome! Great tips and great to see Gerri doing big things!

  • Jvthousandwords: September 29, 2013

    Awesome Tips!!!

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