Saturday Beauty Day: Cute, Simple, Quick Hair Look. The High Bun and Faux Pony!

October 26 2013 – April Bush

Saturday Beauty Day
Cute, Simple, & Quick Hair Look. The High Bun and Faux Pony!
Thank goodness for my stylist Gerri! My hair will not make it until my next appointment and I need to go to meetings and events! Gerri suggest that I try a high bun or faux ponytail.  She says that these two ways  are great for her clients in between visits. This is a fast easy hair-do, and can be done with your hair or extensions.
Tools to accomplish the look:
Flat Iron
Holding Spray
Lightweight Serum
Hair Pins
Bobby Pins
Make sure that your hair has been shampooed and straightened(if you have wavy or a natural curl pattern).  Gerri says to use a vent brush.
Vent Brush
Make sure that you brush your hair free from tangles and knots. Next, take a light serum the size of a tear drop into the palm of your hands and rub it into the hair. You will now use a boar bristle brush.
Boar Bristle Brush
Brush your hair with the boar bristle brush in an upward motion, smoothing the hair.  Once the hair is smooth use a stretchy hair band to hold it up.  
For a high bun you will twist your hair into a roll then wrap around the band using hair pins to secure the bun.
You can choose to braid the hair rather than roll it into a bun.
Another easy and simple option is the Faux Ponytail!
Use the same instructions for the high bun to add the faux ponytail to your hair.  Secure the ponytail with pins.
There are many options for a faux ponytail. Try mixing it up with curls or bone straight.
Gerri is located in Raleigh, NC at Headliners Barbershop and Salon 1604 North Market Dr. Suite 108.  To make an appointment with her just email her at or call her at 919-371-8218.
Treatment Tuesdays: All Treatments are $5.00 with shampoo & Style
College Day Thursday: $50 Sew-ins/ $15 Shampoo &Style/ $10 roller set (with valid ID)
Fresh Fridays: $15.00 roller sets/ $20.00 Shampoo & Blow Dry


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