Posted on March 30 2020

Spring is in the air — and so is the spirit of letter writing. April is National Card and Letter Writing Month, an annual celebration of handwritten correspondence.

tween girl stationery- blank cards

This school year was interrupted abruptly and we didn't get to say goodbye and happy summer to our friends. With all the technology in the world there's nothing like being able to say hello, I miss you, and share you secrets with your friends and pen pals. Did you know Miss April has handwritten letters from her friends from 30 years ago?! Handwritten letters are not just correspondence but keepsakes. It reminds you of a time when you were thought of and appreciated. Show someone you were thinking about them and that you care. Here are a few reasons to send a handwritten letter in April:

  • Send a letter to elders. May nursing homes and elderly friends and families cannot get out during this time. A letter in a fun card is something they can display for months to come.
  • Make a new Pen Pal. A pen pal is a person that you can  become friendly by exchanging letters, typically it's someone in a foreign country, but it can just be a person you have never met. Ask how the weather is, what is their favorite book, games, or fashion accessory. Answering questions can lead to lots of letter and pretty soon, you'll meet in person.
  • Letter of Reflection. Take time to think about how the school year was so far. What did you learn and what was your favorite subject. Share a letter with your teacher, I bet it will be appreciated!
  • Letter of Encouragement. Maybe one of your friends is really sad or missing you. Send a letter to let them know everything will be okay and that they are loved!
  • Send a letter of Admiration. Is there someone you admire? Maybe it's your principal, athlete, actor or friend. Take the time to tell them why you admire them and share a story that will brighten their day!
  • Letters of Celebration! Say Happy Birthday to your nearest and dearest friends. This is a hard time, of not being able to have birthday parties, so a letter of celebration will make this birthday special!
  • Long Distance Letters. Do you have a friend that is far away? Find out what they're doing. Take the time to tell them about the great places in your city and ask them for recommendations on where to go and eat. Who knows, maybe one day you'll visit.
  • Letters of Gratitude. During this difficult time, being grateful is so important! Take the time to show gratitude for your friends and family. Draw a picture and send a note, it's something that will make them feel grateful too!

tween girl stationery- blank cards

Parents, this is a great time to help your child with finding addresses and making a list of who they can write you. Our blank cards come in sets of 10. Make a calendar for April and set dates to send letters to friends and family. The U.S. Postal Service and Scholastic have partnered together to bring educational resources to help you help your child with the various forms of letter writing listed above.  Use these lessons to support literacy skills and encourage your students to connect with others in a meaningful way through the art of a handwritten letter.

tween girl stationery- blank cards

Leave a comment and let Miss April know what's your favorite card to send and who you plan to send it to? 


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