Posted on March 31 2019


Welcome to the Miss April Fashion Girlpreneur Blog, "I'm A Very Stylish Girl" Today April 1st is Miss April's Birthday.  On April 1, 2017 I launched the IDEA of a little character that would teach little fashionistas about fashion entrepreneurship, confidence and style.  I had no idea what I was doing I just had an IDEA. I worked with a designer to come up with a mock up of a proposed doll that I wanted to create and this was the first sketch:

The idea was to create a fun and vibrant version of me to teach fashion to girls.  I love wearing cute sneakers and funky moto jackets and because I am a girly girl I love fashion-forward dresses, but I still wanted to develop my design a little better to reflect me and my personal style and I love a LBD (little black dress) so I worked with another designer to create a new sketch:

This version reflected my personal style a lot better! The idea of creating a doll and working in the toy industry took a lot of learning! I worked oversees and began to discover what it would take to bring my doll to life. Fast-forward 2 years later my idea is still being developed. So while I am working on developing the doll I came up with the concept of creating a way for my little fashionistas to sew her together with a sewing panel:



She turned out so cute that I thought to create a plush "build-a-bear-like" doll AND I created friends for her! Meet Miss April's Best Fashion Friends:


Miss Bianca the fashion stylist, Miss Camila the fashion photographer, & Miss Dani the fashion writer. and Miss April the fashion designer.


These are the plush dolls that are in development this month and they are on schedule to be delivered late this spring or early summer. I am so in love with the direction of this brand and how she has grown in 2 years! Look for more to come, Miss April Fashion Crayons and Art accessories, Fashion Girl Fabric and patterns to create clothing for your doll! More DIY projects, classes and camps, nail polish and coming this fall a magazine and app. I hope you learned something by watching Miss April, anything worth having is worth waiting and working for! Understand that you will get more on your way than when you start out and your ideas will transform and grow as you do as a fashion entrepreneur. I can't wait to share more magical and stylish moments with you! Thank you for sharing in my journey and dream! Miss April is official and complete. She may grow and change as time goes on, much like your other favorites like Barbie and Mickey Mouse. Happy 2nd Birthday Miss April!


Miss April

PS--Stay tuned for FASHION FRIDAYS when a new blog post will posted.

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  • Sonya Owens : July 10, 2019

    I just love your creativity thank you

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