Posted on August 29 2019

If you've been following the Miss April Fashion Girl brand you know that I, Miss April LOVE nostalgia from my childhood.  From the designers I am inspired by to the toys, TV shows, music and culture of the 80s and 90s! Growing up my favorite arcade game (way before video games) PAC MAN was the ultimate game to play. Not only was it a popular game it was a cultural phenomenon in the 80s. PAC MAN was on every product from apparel to housewares. 
I love creating and designing collections for my fashionistas and girlpreneurs. While I am not a fan of the scary moments of Halloween, I do LOVE to dress up, as any fashionista would love to do. I wanted to still remain colorful and girly when creating the new Halloween collection.  My inspiration came from PAC MAN. My girly ghosts are fun and cute. A mix between the colorful ghosts and MS. PAC MAN from the game.
Introducing the BOO-LLOWEEN COLLECTION! A Limited Edition Collection of colorful girly ghosts PINKY, PUMPKIN & GOOLIE inspired by Miss April's Favorite 80s arcade game PAC MAN! 
The limited edition, means it's availability as well as product offerings. You can find these BOOtiful ghosts on Trick or Treat bags, sweatshirts for kids and adults, knitted hats, long sleeve shirt, socks and a cool hooded ghost blanket. All of the products were designed to be worn for Trick or Treating adventures or for your next Halloween party invite. SHOP THE COLLECTION:
I hope you enjoy another fashion trip down memory lane with me! I hope to see you in this collection! 
Fashionably Yours,
Miss April


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