Pink Tattoo Cosmetics Color POP Collection

Posted on June 22 2015

Pink Tattoo Cosmetics is an edgy, fashion inspired cosmetics company.  We specializes in high quality productsand use the highest standards and ingredients.  Our cosmetics are full of high pigments and long-wearing. We have beauty collections and campaigns that are curated to make the everyday woman a make up artist with precise color matching and tutorials to create the perfect look.

The COLOR POP! Collection is a collection of brightly flavored products for an intense makeup experience.  Colors can go dramatic and bold or slightly daring! Stay tuned for the collection and tutorials!


Xstick Lipstick(TM)

(matte)  packed with the antioxidant vitamin E, contains natural vanillin extract. Full coverage, long-wear.
vivid fuschia pink
full coverage matte orange
HOT purple

Posh Pod Eyeshadow Pod Pallet (TM)

triple milled, and can be used wet as an eyeliner with our signature product The Magic Wand(TM) a clear glycerin solution that transforms any powder product into a liquid eyeliner.
fuschia pinked purple
explosive bright blue
vivid acid yellow green
vivid bright yellow
intense orange

Luxe Gloss(TM)

a super pigmented, stays on longer than any other lipgloss and retains its color 
hot vivid fuschia pink
intense vivid orange


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