July 04 2017 – April Clark


We are coming close to starting a great tribe of fashion and beauty professionals who are ready to take their business to another level! Here's what's happening! On Monday, July 10th I am rolling out the first lesson of four for the month of July.  This month's theme... LET'S GET IT STARTED! Weather you are starting your own fashion and beauty business, launching a new product, or ready to rebrand, this is going to be a great month for you!

By now, I have a lot of entrepreneurs taking my free ebook writing class.  This class was designed to get entrepreneurs a digital product up on their website to start making passive income. Once the ebook is complete it's time to figure out how to start the business, build a new product or rebrand.  If you haven't taken the class it's FREE enroll here:  The reviews are coming in and it's all good! One entrepreneur said , " I already communicated with an Ebook designer... You've inspired me!"

Here's what's included this month:


LAUNCH B4 UR READY 15 Tips to start a PROFITABLE fashion or beauty business. 

If you are looking to leap, side hustle or launch a new aspect in your already budding business these 15 tips will get you thinking about how to get started NOW before you have the money or time. Let’s say you just graduated or want to transition to being the boss.  I share tips to get you going with what you have in your possession.  Or, for example, if you have a successful hairstyling business perhaps you want to launch your shampoo line but the cost and time are too high, by using these tips you can start before you’re ready and build the buzz by planting a seed. This week you’ll gain confidence and ideas to start now! 



30 DAY $$$ EXPRESS 30 Ways to make money in your fashion and beauty business.

You just need a little inspiration to take your money game to the next level. If you’re at 5 figure why not go for 6 figure and a million. Think of all the people you can help, hire, and inspire with more cash flow.  You don’t have a cash flow problem you have an idea problem.  This week I am giving you 30 ways and tips you can make more money or increase your money.



DOES YOUR B-PLAN ANSWER THESE?? 7 Creative questions to help you visualize the future of your business. 

Having a business plan is great! But sometimes business plans can be so technical we forget to dream.  You spent hours crunching the numbers you forgot to ask yourself some inspired and creative questions, like “What does your office/headquarters look like?” “What does your ideal day look like?” “Give a detailed description of your ideal client” “What products will you create in the next 30 days” Take a break to vision cast creatively. This will help you gain clarity on where you are going and you will find that your daily habits will move you closer to your goals when you know what it looks like.




If you’re planning to be the boss, you better be prepared to pay the cost. The cost of business is not cheap but being creative can help in certain areas where the cash flow is low. This week you will learn where to invest in your business and how to reap the rewards and a few key ways to be creative in lieu of spending cash.


Each class will have a POWER STEP to help you make progress that week.  You will be asked to share your results in the Private Facebook Group. Also as members you have a chance to go deeper with me with a 30 minute one-on-one phone call.  Members will be asked to repost a quote (like below). One member will be chosen for the call so be sure to repost each week!  

Members will also be able to take part in the end of the month FAB CHAT an extra lesson with  Q & A via phone.  Details to come in the weekly newsletter.

For $25 per month, you have a dedicated group of professionals cheering you on, lessons and so much more! ENROLL NOW classes start July 10th.





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