Throwback Thursday Crocet Beanies

November 20 2013 – April Clark

The crochet beanie, who would've thought that this would make it's way back into fashion? Now that the weather is getting colder, hats are a must! Crochet beanies have been weaving their way in and out of fashion.  Is this a throwback that you would bring back? 
In 1971, Ali MacGraw wore a crochet cap to the Academy Awards.  This was a signature for MacGraw, she wore the crochet cap many times, but this is by far my favorite.

Is this a throwback that you would bring back?

O'Neils Girls O'Neill vella slouchy beanie $22.00 at
This hat can be found on Etsy by Salem Style it's the Derby Square Hat in Charcoal Gray for $25.00
Krochet kids the bella crochet beanie $28.00 at


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