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  • Throwback Thursday Brooches

    Posted on December 05 2013

    A perfect vintage find that is right under your nose is a brooch.  Brooches give an instant glam factor to any look.  Years ago brooches were a must to any...

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  • Throwback Thursday Crocet Beanies

    Posted on November 21 2013

    The crochet beanie, who would've thought that this would make it's way back into fashion? Now that the weather is getting colder, hats are a must! Crochet beanies have been...

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  • Throwback Thursday MOD Inspiration

    Posted on November 14 2013

    Everywhere you look in Hollywood actresses are cutting their tresses to adorn the cute pixie cut.  I started to reminisce about the ultimate pixie cut done by Mia Farrow and...

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  • #fashion #tbt Michael Jackson's red leather jacket!

    Posted on October 24 2013

    Still a favorite to imitate- Michael Jackson. The iconic 'Thriller Jacket' shows up on celebrities, as Halloween costumes. My question is-- Is this a throwback you would bring back.    ...

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  • #Fashion #tbt Overalls

    Posted on October 17 2013

    #Fashion #TBT is this a throwback that you would bring back? Overalls are a thing of the past, right? Maybe not.  The release of the new TLC story on VH1...

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  • #Fashion #TBT Head Scarves

    Posted on October 10 2013

    Today for #fashion #TBT the head scarf.  Worn by old Hollywood divas, the head scarf is an iconic addition to the drop top convertible from the black and white movies we call classics. Is...

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