How to Choose a Pedi Polish for Statement Shoes

May 11 2014 – April Bush

Spring and summer statement sandals bring out your toes.  Sometime a very jarring color can detract from a cute shoe.  You want to be mindful of the toe color that you choose with your sandals.  Statement shoes are shoes that have bright color, embellishments, high heels and overall make the outfit.  There is nothing worse than looking at a cute shoe only to find that the polish on your toes make the shoe less attractive.  Take the time to plan your look for the week or take a few minuets before you put on your shoes and change your toe nail polish to enhance your shoes.  Here are four examples of statement shoes paired with Iconic Luxury Nail Colour's prettiest spring/summer colors.
These Antonio Berardi + Rupert Sanderson Tallyho metallic leather sandals.
Metallic shoes look brilliant with a slight shimmer.  Iconic Luxury Nail Colour's "Pink Diamonds" is a light buff shimmer that work well with metallic.
Valentino Rockstud Grained Leather Sandals have studded detail, a monocromatic look would let the studs stand out, "Merci Me" is a great option with these mint-like sandals.
On trend this season are these Christian Louboutin Dufoura metallic leater, PVC and suede sandals.  These sandals have a lot of colors and the PVC is the standout to this shoe, opt for a light purple it is a neutral that will give your toes a little color.  "French Kiss" is a dusty mauve color that is perfect as a neutral color for multicolored shoes.
Orer Women's Sexy Rhinestone Open Peen Toe Platform Flat Sandal have a lot going on!, opt for a french manicure with a simple white tip but add a simmer to the base with "French Poodle"


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