Fashion Friday June 21- Kylie Minogue's new fashion book

June 21 2013 – April Bush

Good Fashion Friday! Here is your dose of pop culture fashion! I was excited to hear that pop singer and fashion icon Kylie Minogue has her own fashion book!  In the book the pop icon shares her insights on fashion on and off stage.  The book not only shares her style but celebrates her 25 years in the music business.  The book is simply called, Kylie Fashion.  The book shares sketches, photos, and commentary from the singer on her vast career and fashion sense. The introduction is written by famed designer Jean Paul Gaultier and shares commentary from designers Dolce and Gabbana and Karl Lagerfeld.  Her eclectic style is the influence of many pop stars who adorn elaborate costumes and have savvy fashion sense with great designer relationships like Lady GaGa, Nicki Minaj , and Beyonce. Kylie Manouge was a trailblazer of high fashion on stage. All of Kylie's famous wardrobe can be found at The Performing Arts Museum in Melbourne Australia. Kylie Fashion can be purchased on the retail price is $40.00 but it is on sale for $25.87! I'm getting my book will you?



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