Manic Monday: Make-up & Manis Matchy Matchy? June 24, 2013

June 24 2013 – April Bush

Happy Monday! Are you ready for another make-up/mani tip to jump start your week? Today I'm discussing TO MATCH OR NOT TO MATCH? Should you match your make-up to your clothes.  My general rule is to do what you are comfortable with but be intentional and be neat and polished.  Whether you match your eye shadow or your lipstick to your outfit it should be your choice BUT it needs to be either or not a purple outfit with purple eye shadow, purple lip gloss, and purple eyeliner.  You will just end up looking like a clown. Rather think of a purple bold eye and a coordinating lip color.  The best way to know what will coordinate with your eye shadow is to look at a color wheel.  If you are not into be matchy, matchy that is fine too and I sometimes don't feel like matching my eye color to my outfit.  It is just as fine and sometimes preferable to coordinate rather than match your eye shadow to your outfit.


Here is a way to coordinate your make-up with your outfit

1. Use the colors next to each other for example a red-violet dress and red lipstick

2. Match colors that are at a 90 degree angle for example a green skirt with a yellow-orange gloss

3.  Match colors that make a the top of a "T" for example a summer yellow dress with violet eye shadow or eyeliner

4. Match colors that make an "X" for example an orange sundress with blue eyeliner

This color wheel is a primary color wheel, feel free to use a color wheel with more colors like pinks and neutrals

Here are a couple of examples of coordinating your make-Up to your outfit:



Here are a couple of examples of matching your make up to your outfit:



Notice in both the coordinating and matching looks that the lip OR the eyes are a neutral or nude color.  The choice is yours! Enjoy!



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