Fashion Friday Nail Edition Lacquerous!

August 09 2013 – April Bush

Hey fashion mavens! Today is Fashion Friday! I wanted to take a twist on today's fashion Friday and talk about designer nail colors! Have you ever envied nail polish brands like Chanel, Tom Ford, and  Dolce and Gabbana?



Well envy no more there is a hot new luxury nail polish subscription service called Lacquerous! It allows you to wear the latest in red carpet and runway nail trends without splurging on a full bottle. For a small monthly fee, you will receive your choice of luxury shades from Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford, NARS and more. We are pleased to announce that ICONIC LUXURY NAIL COLOUR will be a brand coming soon to Lacquerous.


There are 4 easy steps to join Lacquerous Nails:


1. Request an invite to join the Lacquerous Community and share luxury lacquer with other members.


2. Log in and pick your favorites to add to your Lust List. Pick from this season's hottest colors and brands. Your choices will help inform us of your tastes. 


3.For only $18/month you will receive your selection of THREE designer lacquers available at Lacquerous. Take them to the salon or use them at home. Snap a pic & share it with your friends (and us!).


4.Your box of 3 lacquers will be sent to you with pre-paid return packaging. Remember: treat your nail polish as you would want to receive it. Keep other Lacquerous members in mind. Once we receive your return package, we will ship you a new selection. Easy!


Be sure to follow Lacquerous on FB, Twitter and Instagram and join today!




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