Manic Monday Make-up & Manis How to do a Cat eye

August 11 2013 – April Bush

Good Morning! Today I will be showing you tips on how to do a cat eye.






Step One- It's all about placement! Place a mirror on a low surface and look down at the mirror.  Next pick a product. The best way for a beginner to do a cateye is by using a eyeliner pen.  The pen has a wider base and is easier to hold.




Step Two- Next drag the eyeliner pen across the lash line passing the outer corner of your eye.  Remember this is just step one stay low to the lash line keeping the line thin.  This is your foundation.





Step Three- From the end of the "wing" you drew past the corner of your eye connect the the end of the wing back over the foundation line stopping at the start of your baseline. You can make the line as thick or as thin as you want. The thicker the line the more dramatic.  For a more demure daytime look make the line thinner.



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