Saturday Beauty Day October 5

October 05 2013 – April Bush

Saturday Beauty Day:
Gerri Styles My Hair Edition
Deep Conditioning For All
This Saturday Gerri teaches me how to deep condition my hair.  Here are a few tips fFor natural hair, relaxed hair, and weave.  I have had all three types of hair so this was a great tutorial and tip from my personal stylist.  
If you're in the Raleigh-Durham area and you want to make an appointment with Gerri call 843-617-0946 or email Today, October 5th Gerri is celebrating her community! All day the FIRST 5 ladies (new clients-- that means she has never done your hair before) will receive a FREE shampoo and style. For everyone else from 1-3 pm she will be doing $20.00 shampoo and style and FREE eyelash application. To secure your spot CALL Gerri to make an appointment!
BEFORE you DEEP CONDITION be sure your hair is washed and conditioned FIRST. This way your DEEP CONDITIONER will adhere to your hair. Gerri says it is important to deep condition because it puts moisture back in your hair, strengthens the elasticity, and restores shine. If you are natural you should deep condition your hair  every two weeks AND regularly conditioning your hair every week. For African-American women who wear their hair naturally they can condition their hair at home in between visits.  Gerri suggests parting the hair into sections and applying the deep conditioner from root to tip. Next, cover your hair with a  plastic cap and sit under a warm dryer for 10 minuets.  Lastly, you will cold wash your hair.  A cold wash is rinsing your hair with cold water.  The reason it is best to cold wash your hair is because the heat from the initial wash and the heat from the dyer open your pores and the cold wash will close them.   If you have relaxed or color treated hair you need to deep condition your hair every week, so in between visits to your stylist you can follow the same steps.  Yes, you still need to deep condition extensions but Gerri suggests only every two weeks.  Be sure to consult with your hair stylist on what conditioner works best for your hair.  Gerri uses Design Essentials in my hair. 
There you have it! Don't forget to drink plenty of water! Gerri tells me this all the time.

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  • Jyia: October 07, 2013
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    Love these tips. Didn’t know about the cold wash, looking forward to trying this.

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