Manic Monday Make-Up & Manis How to Remove Nail Polish

October 06 2013 – April Bush

On the blog today... HOW TO REMOVE NAIL POLISH. As easy as it may seem there are some things to consider when you wear different colors.  Now more and more nail polishes are textured and come with different effects.  Hopefully this will help with removing nail art as well.  There are two types of nail polish : Acetone and Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover.
Acetone-free nail polish removers usually contain a fruit-derivative solvent such as ethyl acetate, which is less drying to your nails. However, it does take longer to get the polish off.  
Acetone-based nail polish removers are the most common and the most effective. However, they are harsh!  I only recommend using this remover for a very stubborn polish or to remove embellishments  on your nails.  
When using darker colors and polish with glitter here's a tip take a cotton ball and rip it in half.  Dip the remnant in nail polish remover and let  it sit on your nails for about 60-90 seconds.  Next rub the cotton ball from cuticle to tip and Voila! You're polish is gone.  If there are nail polish still on your nails repeat the process or try another rub.
Be sure to apply polish removers only in a well-ventilated area.  Do not use tissue or paper towels they are course and not good for your nails.  Always go from cuticle to tip and not back and forth it weakens your nails.  


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