Saturday Beauty Day October 12

October 12 2013 – April Bush

Quick Tips on How to Spice it Up for the Weekend!
Hi Beauties! I hope you have been enjoying my tips for #saturdaybeautyday. Saturday Beauty Day derrived from my close relationship with my stylist Gerri Vereen.  In between my visits she would give me tips to get me hair looking healthy and neat.  I decided to share the tips from my personal stylist with my followers so you can do the same.
Today's Tip How to Spice up Your Hair for A Special Event!
I love color in my hair but I am leery about adding permanent color.  Gerri suggest that for a special event I use clip-ins in the desired color to add to my hair for an instant trendy look! She suggest trying the bang to frame your face with color!
Another spicy weekend look- Part your hair with a deep part.  Rather than parting yourhair regularly   Gerri suggest the deep part for a sultry evening look.  Add lots of volume to your hair and you have a look perfect for a night on the town!
Sometimes an up-do can seem too formal but Gerrri suggest pining your hair up for a special event brings attention to your face.  Easily you can add a simple butterfly clip masked with curled hair for a spicy weekend look!
Gerri is located in Raleigh, NC at Headliners Barbershop and Salon 1604 North Market Dr. Suite 108.  To make an appointment with her just email her at or call her at 843-617-0946.  She has great specials for college students and single moms!


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