Manic Monday Makeover: How to Plan a Stylish Workweek Ebook

October 14 2013 – April Bush

Hi everyone! I am excited to announce that my first eBook Manic Monday Makeover: How to Plan a Stylish Workweek will be released on October 24th! This is the first of many fashion, beauty and style manuals and books that I will publish.  I am excited to add media to the Iconic Lifestyle brand. I believe that this book is something that many women on-the-go will need to help them achieve the career and personal look that they desire.  I wrote this book because I needed a makeover! Although I consider myself a pretty stylish woman I wanted to do an upgrade with my style that reflected my career and life goals.  I think that it is important for women no matter your demographic or where you are in life that you take inventory and make sure that everything mind body soul and STYLE are in line with what you want in life.  Your image is what people respond to before you ever open your mouth to say 'Hi'.  Even if you consider yourself a stylish woman who has it all together, taking inventory of your style is something we all should do at least once a year.
Next week the book will go viral! Here's a sneak peak at the contents of the eBook:




My Manic Monday Makeover


Section One: Imagine Your Image

Five Steps to Imagining Your Image

Step One: A Color Story

Step Two: When I Grow Up

Step Three: My Style Doppelgänger

Step Four: Dream Shopping vs. Window Shopping

Step Five: How to make a Style Look Book



How to Plan a Stylish Workweek


Section Three: Mirror, Mirror in My Closet

Four Things to Organize Your Style

Back to the STYLISH Basics

Create your STYLE Haven

Know How to Fold ‘Em

Hang Ups

Section Four: Prioritize Pretty

How to Plan your Beauty Regimen

Pamper in a Pinch

A LOT of R&R

Eat, Drink, Pray



The eBook will be available on my website, iBooks, Kindle and Smashwords. Here's an excerpt from the book:

....Wearing a black suit with a pop of color in your shoes and a statement necklace says, “I’m in charge and I’m in style”.  Share the positive side of your personality and keep the piercings and tattoos covered up for the weekend. Remember: When you are imagining where you want to go in your career, don’t try to be like someone you see but rather adapt her look to fit your comfort level.  For instance, if the Art Director at a gallery wears stilettos and tailored suits but you’re a jeans and t-shirt girl, then you should think about stylish flats, tailored pants, and oxford shirts. The similarities are there, but you are comfortable and still command attention because your clothes fit properly and you feel confident.  Of course, imitation is the highest form of flattery.  If you admire a high level executive and her style, then emulate it within your budget and tastes. Pretty soon you’ll be making the big bucks and then you can enjoy the same designer style because you adapted early on in your career.

Dressing by Industry:

If there are suggested rules for your particular industry, then it is wise to study the culture of your workplace and adapt to the best of your ability.  Remember: The first impression is everything and you represent your company.  Think of your workplace wardrobe as the unofficial uniform..."





In celebration of the release of the eBook I am doing pre-orders for the eBook. As a gift you will receive a FREE Manic Monday Makeover Style Planner with the release of the book. To order email for 8.99!


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