#Fashion #tbt Overalls

October 17 2013 – April Bush

#Fashion #TBT is this a throwback that you would bring back?
Overalls are a thing of the past, right? Maybe not.  The release of the new TLC story on VH1 had me pull out my old TLC CDs and reminise. I used to dress just like them...well as much as I could without getting into trouble with my parents.  I started to think about how they changed the game for females to dress in baggy clothes and still make it look sexy! My coming of age was in the 90s through the New Jack Swing era and boy bands and the growth of Hip Hop.  Fashion was totally about taking a risk and doing what you wanted to do. From Karl Kani to FUBU to Cross Colors my coming of age was fun and full of color.  One of the 90s trends that I took to was the OVERALL yes... hat to the back, and all! One strap up with a crop top and a pair of clean FILAS...those where the days! My question is-- IS THIS A THROWBACK that you would bring back?
NSYNC the very early years.
Who can forget Will Smith's character on the Fresh Prince of Bell Air and his famed one strap up overall look?
I say bring it BACK!
Fashion has called the 90s and it answered quite nicely! 


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