Lucky Fabb 2013 DAY TWO

October 31 2013 – April Bush

Lucky Fab Day Two
What I wore:
Sequin see-through high low shirt from Imago Dei Boutique 
THESE animals! LOVE THEM! from Imago Dei Boutique get them here!
Day Two took place in the famed CONDE NAST PUBLISHING Building! I call it the house where fashion is born! It was exciting and well secured.  We were escorted to every floor changing elevators and everything to keep the security tight.  A fellow blogger and I chuckled because we both have worked in D.C. and government building are not this secure! LOL! I even got a glimpse of a messenger rolling a rack of clothes from Teen Vogue-- it was probably going to a photoshoot. It was amazing just being in that building with all the fashion magazine greats!
Today was all about intimate workshops and for the first time in the history of fabb they added an entrepreneurs track called the FOUNDERS SERIES! I went to all of them! It was the best decision I made. Although I wanted to learn from all of them I think this was a great fit for me!
First up Eva Chen, Editor-In-Chief of Lucky Magazine interviewed Jess Lee of Polyvore. Jess started with POLYVORE as a user.  Originally it was founded by 3 guys.  As a lover of the product she had a list of suggestions and ideas for the new program and asked for a meeting with the founders.  At her meeting she was hired immediately! She joined as a product manager and is now the CEO. They are constantly adding new features to the program. She says what makes a good entrepreneur is tenacity, learning and paying it forward.
This was a favorite for me because I can relate to her story.  Tamara Mellon, Co Founder of Jimmy Choo and now an entrepreneur of her own fashion brand.  Her new brand is disrrupting the fashion industry! She says that fashion is seen by millions now especially with technology and the most frustrating thing is that is not available for another 6 months once fashion week is over.  She thinks it's frustrating to offer summer dresses in January and winter coats in July.  I have to agree! (This is why I do not put Spring or Fall labels on my products! We're on the same wave length) Her idea is to launch the brand when you show the brand.  As fashionistas we're already onto the next new thing as we see it and fashion should be sold that way. She plans to launch in November with great pieces like this:
Tamara Mellon shows us her leather legging boots. That's right, they are boots that pull up to leggings! AH-MAZE!!
She is looking to market and educate buyers on her new philosphy to carry what is in season NOW not in 6 months.  I think she can do it as a matter of fact I think we all should take note and change the industry.  I love her guts! I am a TRUE fan of hers now and she is in my entrepreneur book! READ her new Book. " In My Shoes" She mentioned it in her interview and as we left the session she gave us all the book for free! I really like her now :)
Meet Deena Varshavskaya from Wanelo (Want, Need Love). She shared tips that entrepreneurs need to have to run and grow their brand: Fundraising, Building a Team, PR and Public Speaking.  She share candidly that you may not think you have that in you but you do! She encouraged us to try, try, try again and that no risk, no reward! She is learning still! She dreams strategically with the realization that dreams come true is you believe, visualize and act!
The room all of a sudden go packed as Katia Beauchamp of Birchbox took the floor.  She was fly too! to me Birchbox is the entrepreneur story. They had an idea that no one beilved in but them. Birchbox created a place for themselves in the market. They call themselves, "Discovery Commerce" they help consumers discover the products coming to market and facilitate launches of beauty brands.  Genius! We have seen others try the "BOX" idea and Katia says not everything should be in a BOX. I believe as an entrepreneur there are going to be copycats but your vision is yours and only you can grow it because you see the end in mind! Now, Birchbox is expanding to men's grooming, working with shows like SUITS to launch the new division. They are now the offical amenity kit for JET BLUE's first-class.  They do offline events with blogger.... let me see if I can get on that :)
I turned into a 10 year-old girl when I walked into the room.  I'm thinking how can I have an excuse to have a Barbie party.  About 50 bloggers were invited to have lunch with Barbie executives to learn about new products and how the brand has grown. Barbie is keeping up with the times! She's digital:
Barbie #SWAG
This is cool! I remember when Barbie had a half head that I could do her hair and make-up.  Now, Barbie is technologically savvy. All you have to do is drop your iPad into the mirror download the app and take a picture of the child and now she can put make up on her image and not her idea Mattel.
Thanks Lucky! This was FUN. I enjoyed talking about our favorite Barbie story and what we had-- the house and yes that PINK CORVETTE! 
Meet another fellow blogger and sorority sister, CIRCA FASHION
What a cool chic, Emily Weiss from Into The Gloss She talked to us about her persistence to get good content.  She said persistence is the key.  Nearly 90% of the people that she uses in her post are people that she does not know and that there are a lot of emailing and calling and hustle.  She says that her and her team are persistent fundraisers and that is key to growing your brand.  She said something that brought it all to a head for me-- BLOGGING is the START of your brand. You need to have an end in mind by creating products, growing YOU into a brand! BY GEORGE I THINK I GOT IT! Love her!
Meet Neil Blumenthal one of the founders of Warby Parker. He seems like a he would be a great business adviser- Great choice Lucky! Great product for a great price. They saw a need and answered the call. Not only do they make affordable glasses but they have added a philanthropic aspect in their business model, Buy a Pair, Give a Pair. They have given upwards of 500k glasses to people in need- not as a charity but making them affordable with the adage if you teach a man to fish he'll never be hungry. Giving the glasses would create codependency and they want to partner with non-profits to train low-income entrepreneurs to sell affordable glasses! LOVE IT. Neil's advice: Be remarkable and differentiating - give people something to remark on.
Meet Michelle Adams, Editor of Domino Magazine but boy how she got there is remarkable! This was my favorite session her story was so inspiring that YOU CAN MAKE IT! Michelle started by emailing Domino Magazine to inquire about jobs,after aggravating so many people with her persistence she finally was granted an informational interview-but there were no jobs for her.  Months later an editorial assistant left the magazine and she was offered the job.  She was now on her way to living her dreams! She worked hard planning the shoots, finding props and doing everything and anything she was asked to do.  After a year and a half the publishing business was taking a hit! She decided to start her own fabric company Ruby Green. Her passion for design got her noticed by an Australian decor association that asked her to come and speak. They also wanted her to help them with their new magazine so she did and was featured and from there it was up hill and LONNY was born. She has worked with the greats in decor and design and has been very noted! Now the editorial assistant is now the editor! Amazing and Inspiring.  She says: failure is an opportunity to learn, figure out what you want, know your strengths, give people a reason to want to work with you and BE NICE and have a good attitude!
I'm a FAN love her story and I believe in ME!
Finally, the coveted gift bag! Yes, this is the bag you want ladies! BE A BLOGGER swag is fun!
My trip is over but the experience was a dream-- I felt like a fashion professional for real and it was amazing!!!
LASTLY remember I wanted the Memos by DIANA VREELAND of the Vogue Years a coffee table book from Bergdorf Goodman....
YES!! My cousin surprised me with it! Fashion inspiration at it's best! All about her inspiration, editorial notes and pictures from her time at Vogue. Coming on the blog soon!! Thank you Cuz!
Thanks Cuz for helping this trip be a success! xoxo

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