May 31 2019 – April Clark

I am excited to announce the launch of the FASHION GIRL CRAYONS! I have been eager to show you my new packaging and get you to fall in love with this product like me!  FASHION GIRL CRAYONS are 64 non-toxic, bright, vivid, long-lasting hues with fashion forward colors like: girl boss yellow, little black dress, glow girl golden yellow. Each box comes with a built-in sharpener. Girls can color and construct beautiful designs with these stylish crayons!
For the month of June I am rolling out a campaign called BUY A BOX, GIVE A BOX! For every crayon box order I will give a box away to my favorite girls, children and arts charities. I've designed the boxes to be purchased in packs of 5 and 10 so you can get in on the giving as well.  Keep one box and give the rest away! Let's get these crayons in the hands of lots of little girls! 
Stay tuned as I share details about the fashion girl crayons on the blog and every Monday - Friday I will reveal a new color of the day to share what's inside. Currently, I am looking for you to name one of the colors:
I left one of the colors without a name to see what you come up with... name this light lavender color! At the end of my campaign, on June 30th I will announce the name of the crayon! 
Here is a look at some of the color names:





MONEY GREEN - green 

YELLOW GREEN GLAM -yellow green 


RIBBONS -sky blue 

DIAMONDS -light blue 

FRINGE -blue violet 

PURPLE BUTTONS -dark purple 

**YOU NAME IT!** - light violet 

PINK PEARLS salmon pink 

So let's get these crayons sold in every major retailer! Get your box here.


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