NEON DOODLE COLLECTION for all our electric fashion lovers!

Posted on July 01 2019

The Neon Doodle Collection has landed and it's electrifying! Designed with the fashion and beauty lover in mind the neon doodle collection features fashion , hair, nail and beauty motifs in bright neon colors! The collection is filled with apparel, home, stationery, tech gadgets and more all sporting our neon doodle. Take a look at the doodles.
The Sew Fantastic celebrates your love for sewing with doodles of a sewing machine, fabric, scissors, tape measure and pin cushion. If you love sewing as a hobby or as a profession as a designer this doodle will make you "sew happy!" Check out our favorite item, the Weekend Tote to hold all of your sewing essentials! SHOP IT HERE!
Do these colors look familiar? They are some of the colors from the MISS APRIL NAIL GLAM SIGNATURE COLLECTION! Show your love for all things nail polish and you can store your polish collection in our nail pouch with this cute doodle on the front! #manilover SHOP IT HERE.
Calling all our make up lovers! This doodle has all of the make up essentials you'd find in your cosmetics bag: eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara, a brush and tinted bb cream (or whatever you want to call it :) ) Our favorite product is the ... make up pouch in black with this electric doodle on the front. SHOP IT HERE.
The purse essentials doodle asks, "What's in your purse?" all of the cute things our little fashionistas might find in their purse: sunnies, a cell phone, lipstick, nail polish and a cute keychain! We love this doodle on a tee! SHOP IT HERE
What an electric set of hair tools! If you love hair, beauty and neon this doodle is for you! It features a curling iron, brush, hair dryer, comb and colorful barrettes. We recently introduced the FASHION GIRL HOME collection and featured the neon doodles on a few fashionable home items like this wall clock! Perfect for the office, room or salon! SHOP IT HERE
SHOP THE FULL COLLECTION HERE! New items are being added so stay in touch! 


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