July 28 2019 – April Clark

I start off every blog of a new collection with, "This was a fun collection to create" because every time I create a new collection I have fun doing it! If I don't love creating it, you won't love wearing it.  The idea for this collection came from a pair of socks.  I was sitting and my socks were exposed and I saw that my socks were mis matched but they were coordinated. The patterns were different but the colors were so similar I didn't even notice. It hit me that I should create a sock line like this but when I went to source a manufacturer to make these socks, I didn't find what I wanted so, I moved on to products I knew could do the job!
Introducing The Mixies Collection, a line of bold, colorful and fashionable prints mixed to create unique and stylish apparel, and accessories.  There's one thing I love to do as a fashion lover, and that is pattern mix. I love coming up with odd patterns and making them go well with each other. I focused on zebra, leopard, and polka dots inspired by some of my favorite childhood designers like BETSEY JOHNSON, & LISA FRANK. You'll feel the influences in the colorful animal prints and exciting mixes of patterns. The patterns featured are:


The BETSEY print is inspired by BETSEY JOHNSON wild, free, and colorful! It's a turquoise and pink leopard print.  I love it mixed with the black and white zebra print!


The MISSY is a zebra print with a POP of color. I introduced it in our newest sneaker style, THE SKATER GIRL SNEAKER. The shoe has both the colorful MISSY print and black and white zebra print on both sides of each shoe. This was a risk, not many people will do it, but I love the two patterns together, I think it's a fashion risk worth taking!


The LISA print is inspired by LISA FRANK. It's a rainbow gradient leopard print that looks smart with the black and white zebra print.  I love our new chest bag! It's a bigger version of our fanny pack.  It hold more and still keeps your hands free with plenty of room to store your fashion essentials.



The CABOODLE is a colorful leopard print on a crisp white background.  I really like how the CABOODLE print pairs with the BETSEY print. It is definitely a mix! Another new product we feature is the small messenger bag. 

ENJOY this collection and have as much fun wearing it as I had designing it!



Miss April


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