Posted on July 23 2019

Where's your next trip taking you? That was the question I asked myself before creating this collection.  I have to admit this collection is totally selfish and the perk of being able to design whatever you want for your brand.  I thought about traveling comfortably for long journeys this fall and how I wanted to look and what I wanted to see from my customers. I wanted effortless style with lots of color.  Typically, during the colder months we shy away from color, but I don't, I run towards it!
The Flying Colors Collection is a travel inspired athleisure line of joggers, sweatshirts, hoodies and leggings to make casual chic.  The design and colors were inspired by my childhood in the 80s. I loved PUNKY BREWSTER !
I also loved color blocking and mixing prints. Marry the two ideas and that is what inspired this collection. Color blocks of pink, teal, orange and purple in tops grounded by black joggers and leggings. I created the collection in child and adult sizes.  While I love the idea of this collection being for the savvy traveler, it is perfect for comfortable weekends, lounging, and gym time. 
When it came to the kids I offered colorful tops and bottoms.  Kids can get away with head to toe color. I think lots of color keeps a look fun. The leggings offered for the kids are in teal, pink and purple that can be paired with our 80s inspired sleeveless vest.
Pair the look with our canvas sneakers for a casual trip to the park, museum or hop a jet to Grandma's house! The kids collection also comes with sweatshirts.


For the teens and adult sizes I kept the tops colorful too however the bottoms are black.  I think color blocking pants or bright on bright is a little too much for the older crowd. I love the idea of traveling in a pulled together and colorful  athleisure look.  As much of a fashion girl as I am, I love being able to run from gate to gate in comfort and not worrying about my outfit.  When I traveled to NY for Fashion Week I would always travel in an athletic chic look with stylish trainers. I designed one pair of trainers and one pair of high waisted yoga leggings for the collection.  The high waist on the yoga leggings is my favorite! With all the bending and moving that's done in the security check points of airports to baggage claim "chase the bag game" a high waist brings comfort and security.  I did add color the "high waist" portion of the leggings although they won't be seen unless they are worn for actual yoga class. Another plus about these leggings... they're compression leggings! Keeping everything tight!
My favorite look of the entire collection is the HIGH NECK COLOR BLOCK HOODIE, NEEDLE AND HEART BLACK JOGGERS & our BLACK PULL ON SOCK SNEAKERS! Find me flying this way!
This was a FUN collection to create. Whether you wear it to travel or lounge it's full of color and effortless style! Shop the collection here.
Happy Travels xo April


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